May 07, 2018

Pound Crashed

People asked Armstrong: Why you appeared in front of Bank of London and the pound crashed? Did you manipulate the market?

Armstrong: The pound dropped because it was on schedule. No single person can manipulate the market. "Capital flows around the global financial system like a floating bottle on the ocean current."

人們問阿姆斯特朗:你為什麼出現在倫敦銀行前面,英鎊就崩潰了? 你在操縱市場嗎?

阿姆斯特朗:英鎊下跌是因為按照時間表。 沒有一個人可以操縱市場。 “資本在全球金融體系周圍流動,就像洋流上的浮動瓶子一樣。”

It is time to remember his very important saying: "GOLD is a hedge against GOVERNMENT for individuals – not against inflation. It is the hedge for Phase Three in a debt crisis – not Phase Four. It has its role and its place in the financial system as a whole. We have been in a DEFLATIONARY mode just in case anyone reads about the real world and quantitative easing did not cause hyperinflation."

黃金是針對個人的政府對沖 - 而不是針對通貨膨脹。 這是第三期債務危機的對沖 - 而不是第四階段。 它在整個金融體系中的作用和地位。 我們一直處於DEFLATIONARY模式,以防萬一人讀到現實世界,量化寬鬆政策不會導致惡性通貨膨脹。“

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